Extreme Shogi∞.

What is Extreme Shogi ∞ (Infinity)?

Shogi is a Japanese chess game in which the board is rounded and the 1-square and 9-square lines are connected. It is also called cylindrical shogi, Pacman shogi, loop shogi, and tan-yao shogi.

Extreme Shogi ∞ is physically rounded and is played by spinning it around. Unlike playing on a regular board, the visibility around 1-square and 9-square is very good.

The invincible enclosure must be invincible!

It works like this

Spinning crazy well, and intoxicating.


  • The basics are the same as regular chess.
  • It is not a single move for the flying car to go around the side and stop at the same square.

You can actually play!

Stores where you can play

Shogi Cafe COBIN


Mr. Hanayama Corporation