Scheduled for release at Game Market Fall 2023!

The box art is almost finalized, and the instructions and other details are being adjusted.
Now the English version of the instructions will be included. We want to make a lot of people groan!

way of playing (a game)

STEP1 Each person holds a piece of origami paper.

STEP2 Take out three subject cards at random and place them in the center of the table.

STEP3 All participants start folding at the same time, aiming at the pattern on the subject card.

  • You can make any subject card pattern.
  • You can only fold it 3 times (you can test fold it as many times as you want to think about it)
  • Origami has auxiliary lines that fold vertically, horizontally, and diagonally

STEP4 If you can do it, declare that it was easy!

STEP5 Everyone stops, and the folded paper of the person who made the declaration is copied into a mirror to see if it is the same pattern as the subject card.

STEP6 Winning Judgment

  • If it is done, the person who declared it wins.
  • If not, restart the game.

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Hints and Answers

I have prepared some hints and answers. Please take a look when you just can’t, or just can’t figure it out.